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Lawn signs offer unique benefits when compared to other advertising strategies. When placed into the lawn near the curb, they are guaranteed to be seen and ultimately handled and read by the homeowner when the sign and stake are removed. The lawn signs are very effective at notifying a homeowner of a service that has been performed, educating about optional services or promotions, and promoting your business to neighbors. We have witnessed a variety of additional uses of the signs that have also been very successful. For example, when blanket marketing, the signs can serve as a prospecting tool by notifying the homeowner of an estimate hanging on their door or presenting a promotion directly on the sign. Other companies have experienced success by utilizing the sign as a point of sale tool by placing the educational sign at the problem area in the lawn. For example, one company would place a “you have fire ants” sign in lawns infested with fire ant problems. The most common promotion is undoubtedly to promote optional services on the back of the sign. To see hundreds of layout ideas for signs see sample ideas.

Consider using full color door hangers as an alternative to lawn signs to promote your services to neighbors. Flyers or postcards (stuffed in weather protect ant clear plastic door hanger bags) can be utilized for the same purpose. Colorful stuffers left with your invoice at the door in a clear plastic door hanger bag can also be a very effective marketing strategy to sell  add on services to your existing customers.

For additional educational marketing ideas see Resources.

RND is the largest supplier of lawn signs in North America, selling over 750 million since RND introduced their revolutionary step stake in 1987. To review our efficient manufacturing process, from  the design of your product through shipping, see how-it works.