Brochure Marketing Ideas That Sell

A professional lawn care services brochure will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. When you consider the investment to acquire a prospect, it is foolish to expect to successfully close a high percentage of sales without professional sales literature.

Professional, full color brochures create credibility. People expect a “real” lawn care company to have professional sales literature. Plus, prospects appreciate informative brochures to take home and read at their leisure. A good brochure also adds a personal touch, telling the reader what’s in it for them.

The following are lawn care brochure marketing ideas that sell. After all, isn’t selling the whole idea?


Like all printed marketing materials, the goal of a lawn care brochure is to grab your customer’s attention and get them to contact you to buy your service or product. The advantage a brochure has over a flat piece of literature is the extra paper real estate for you to offer additional information, images, and services. What you do with this additional space is important to getting your customer to take the next step.

There are two common purposes for a lawn care sales brochure:

1. Attract a new customer. This type of brochure is like an advertisement – it contains a grabber headline, plays on emotions, contains strong images, and has a distinct call to action.
2. Provide a customer or prospect with more detailed information, answering their most common questions.

Before getting started on your design, clarify your purpose and think about your call to action. Only then should you move on the design itself.

The front panel

The purpose of the front panel is to get the reader’s attention so they look inside to read more. The front of your brochure should have an attention grabber with real stopping power. Your best benefit should be stated in the headline; fuse a great image (worth a thousand words) to the headline. You also want to use a compelling offer with a caption reading “details inside.” An exclusive invitation, special savings, or a notice of a future sale, are all great brochure marketing ideas that will give you the best chance of getting your audience to read more.


Once your customer has opened your lawn care brochure, keeping them there will depend on the content. You may find it worthwhile to have someone write professional copy for your brochure. The language in your brochure should make an emotional appeal while always explaining benefits. Here are 6 specific brochure marketing ideas related to content.

  1. What are the readers’ needs? Don’t talk about the company — talk about the reader and how the company can help to solve their problems.
  2. Sell benefits. Every paragraph in your brochure should be worded in a language that explains how it will benefit your customer. Point out the lawn care benefits in your headline, sub-headline, captions, and copy. Keeping this theme throughout your brochure will help your customer make a buying decision.
  3. Use compelling graphics. Be sure to include high definition, professional images that are pleasing to look at; low quality images suggest a low quality company. Consider before and after photos to show off your lawn care product or service.
  4. Include a clear call to action. Tell them how to engage – phone, reply card, website, phone, chat, email, et cet. Next, give them a reason to act NOW. Time limited discounts, coupons, special offers, or limited quantities are all examples of reasons to act.
  5. Provide clear signposts. Provide clear headings to navigate the reader through the brochure to the material that interests them.
  6. Testimonials sell. If possible, always include testimonials from satisfied customers. The statement should be brief and quickly explain the benefit of buying with your company.


Remember it’s the words you use that ultimately do the selling. Do not be afraid to use good copy. When you write copy for your lawn care brochure, keep the following copy ideas in mind:

  1. Personalize by using words that speak directly to the reader. Use a “I’m only talking to you” style of writing.
  2. Use words that express feeling and emotion. Words that move people emotionally sell.
  3. Don’t use words like “if” or “maybe.” Replace all of the “I or we” words with the word “you.”
  4. Don’t ask open-ended questions. Only ask questions that will get a “yes.
  5. Limit your paragraphs to two or three sentences and five to six lines. Leave space between block paragraphs.
  6. Make a list of your most common questions prospects ask and provide the answers. You could include this information inside a box to add impact.
  7. Present a list of lawn care product features (facts about your product) to help describe the product.
  8. Use educational information of value to encourage the reader to save the brochure. Consider valuable tips and how to information.

The most common mistake is using too much text. Use short sentences, short paragraphs, and bullets whenever possible.

Layout and design

The following are general brochure marketing ideas that will help drive sales.

  1. The front panel must be designed like an advertisement, grabbing the reader’s attention to look further inside the brochure. The headline must contain the number one benefit. Word your headline to make a benefit statement, ask a provocative question, create curiosity, or trigger an emotion. Consider breaking the headline so the reader must open the panel to finish reading it. The graphics must work to support the headline.
  2. When you open the brochure, the center spread does not have to adhere to the vertical panels. Sometimes you can create more interest when the headlines or graphics extend across the panels. This design strategy gets rid of the boxy look of staying within the columns.
  3. The inside center spread should cover everything from the benefits and excellent graphics to a clear call to action. The overall design should be pleasing and easy for the eye to move through the brochure. It is important to allow for plenty of white space for the eye to rest. Crowded copy and photos will lose their impact.
  4. Use colors that represent your industry. For lawn care businesses, lush and vibrant greens will reinforce a quality service.
  5. Place answers to questions, testimonials, or a list of useful tips inside of a box to add impact.
  6. Limit your design to two typefaces. Avoid over-using capitalization, bold type, and underlining. Emphasizing too much is confusing to the reader.
  7. The back panel is a good place for testimonials plus another call to action.

We hope you found these lawn care brochure marketing ideas helpful. If you are not a graphic designer, we recommend finding one or contact us to help you produce your brochure. Now go get ‘em!

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