Statement Stuffer Marketing to Maximize Revenue

The most likely people to buy your products or services are the customers who have already bought them, as the trust they have in your products or services is already built in. Statement stuffer marketing, like other up-selling or cross-selling techniques, can enhance your profitability while also providing your customer with an increase in value.

For lawn care and green industry businesses, statement stuffers are a no brainer when you consider that they tag along free with a statement or package, meaning there is no delivery cost. Making your best target audience (current and former customers) aware of your additional products or services will lead to more revenue to grow your business.

Here’s how to design your stuffer to maximize your statement stuffer marketing effectiveness.

Design Elements

  1. Up-Sell Additional Services- Since you are delivering these stuffers to existing customers, you want to make them aware of new offerings or companion products or services that you offer.
  2. Useful Information- Valuable information about your industry, product, and/or service will significantly increase the chance your customer will hold on to your stuffer; it will help to make you memorable.
  3. The “Attention Grabber”- Keep in mind that you only have seconds to get attention. Relevant headlines and images with stopping power is the key to getting your customer to read further. You should think of the front of your statement stuffer as a billboard. Be specific, compelling, and relevant with your headline and image.
  4. Images- Be sure to include high definition, professional images that will appeal to your customers’ emotions. Support your images with a thought provoking headline.
  5. Sell Benefits- Every paragraph in your statement stuffer should be worded in a language that explains how it will benefit your customer. Keeping this theme throughout your stuffer will help your customer make a buying decision. Your customer wants to know, “how will this improve my life.”
  6. Design – Be sure to leave plenty of white space to give the eye an opportunity to relax. A pleasing design will allow the eye to move seamlessly from the headline to the call to action.
  7. Compelling Offer/Call to Action- Get your customer to take the next step with a compelling offer. Discounts, coupons, special offers, or sales announcements are all examples of compelling offers.
  8. Event Announcement- Announce an event your company is holding that will bring customers into your business or contact you. Workshops, sales events, marketing seminars and demonstrations are examples.
  9. Free Consultation- This is a great offer to put on a stuffer, because it is a non-intrusive opportunity for the customer to contact a representative from your company for further information, and it will result in sales.
  10. Free Stuff- Customers are instantly drawn to the word “free.” This may come in the way of a loss leader, a name retention product, or free service, etc. These are all designed to help drive more sales traffic to your business.
  11. Testimonials- If possible, always include testimonials from satisfied customers. The statement should be brief and quickly explain the benefit of buying with your company.
  12. Call to action – Make sure to always include a choice of contacts: phone number, address, and web address.
  13. Consumers often equate the quality of a company with the quality of their advertising piece. Having a full color, digitally printed statement stuffer on glossy paper with outstanding photography will put your best foot forward.

The simplest and easiest way to grow your business is not to acquire new customers (which is also very important of course), but to sell additional products and services to your existing customer base. One of the least expensive and most effective ways to advertise additional products and services is through statement stuffer marketing.

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